#closetcomedian on the loose, brilliant april fools joker.


I wasn’t cheating :< I swear on my mum, it was a russian! Where is Kemp now? I need him for my show. Oh, he’s sleeping… Must be config, should be shaders, hell could be anything at this point. 
No recoil was just a prank! I caught Detective’s autism on tape hihihi #blingbling #swag I’m not a cheater! Silver GMs dude, they are pushing the bans man. 

omg silvers crying about no recoil.
omg silvers crying about my aimbot, so stupid, no advantage at all.
omg people are taking this way more serious that I am :>

If you believe everything you read on the forums, you will start to believe that I was really cheating!! Oh God, Doggie… Did u talk to Tiggs? She’s ignoring me, I’m just another EpicGoat for her, another stupid EnjinN :<

Q: Why did you get banned Tobiii?
A: Who knows?

I use a PCEi card, that’s why I’m not cheating because you would be able to see everything on my screen! And I will tell that and again, and again, and again.


Hyuntardoooooo, L2Detective, am I wrong ?????
Rim Tobi terq Dogfish Nariko Kiida not cheaters, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!1!1!1
Wut Tiggs? So Tobii and terq were 100% cheating?? omg impossible, they told me they weren’t???? Anyway, Kiida urnext)))))


Good old nerds on FFbans, always a pleasure to see them going all over the place.



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