Trackable information

Let’s assume you are 24. Someone you suspect to be a snitch (“George” in this example) is asking you “hey my dear friend, how old are you?” You deliberately lie and tell him “Yeah buddy I’m 28”. 3 weeks later, a random dude out of nowhere (“Brad” in this example”) says 2 things in a conversation: “You wife told me that you are 28” and “George? I don’t know this guy, who’s this?”

What informations can you get there?

  • Brad didn’t talk to my wife (bluff)
  • Brad protects George, Brad values more George than me.
  • Brad and George are (very) interested to know my age (for some reasons)
  • Brad and George are fakes.
  • Brad and George have been outsmarted hardcore, they didn’t even notice.

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